Following the fiasco over the recent apprehensions by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) of modified 4x4's, car enthusiasts around town feel as if they’re being targeted by the LTO.

With vehicle modifications seemingly outlawed based on an old law, apprehensions with little warning resulted in tickets, fines, or confiscation by officers around town, it’s safe to say that enthusiasts won’t take this matter lightly. Amidst the confusion spread about the issue, we’ve uncovered something oddly peculiar about this new push by the LTO. 

A user on social media posted what appears to be a receipt from the LTO citing his registration of aftermarket modifications. Judging from the contents of the receipt, things like changing the tire size as well as ‘excess overhang’ were paid for alongside standard fees for processing with the LTO. The date on the receipt, labeled October 15th, 2018, means this particular process was performed very recently. While this document certainly presents an ‘easy way out’ for enthusiasts, there are questions raised towards the fact that you can pay to get out of a potentially hefty fine over a vaguely-written amendment.

On the flipside however, other enthusiasts have confirmed with their nearby LTO offices if this is indeed legal – only to find out that there’s no clarification for a process like this. From the looks of it, even folks within the LTO are perplexed by this particular receipt as well. If you recall our conversation with LTO Director for Law Enforcement Service Francis Almora, it looks as if they indeed have their work cut out for them if they’re ever to iron out the enforcement of this law.

While facts about this particular matter have yet to surface, we can only present the effects of having a law that lacks specific details, is outdated, and has plenty of loopholes. Will the LTO really take the time to sort this out for everyone?