The usual case with limited edition Subarus is the fact that the rest of the world will hardly see any of them outside of Japan. With vehicles such as the coveted 22B, the S20X series, the STI Type RA-Rs, and recently the tS variants, Subaru have done a pretty good job of keeping all the goodies for themselves for several decades. Lately though, the latest generation of the WRX has seen a limited run in countries such as Australia, the US, and more recently, Canada.

After 15 years of conducting business in the Great White North, Subaru offers the WRX Raiu Edition as a present for their Canadian clientele. While it sounds similar to that white-gi wearing, fireball throwing guy from Street Fighter, the word Raiu (雷雨) translates to ‘Thunderstorm’ – and this limited edition WRX certainly plays the part. Dressed in a color dubbed ‘Cool Gray Khaki’, the Raiu appears reminiscent of a cumulonimbus cloud hovering in the sky. Flanked with black accent trim on its mirrors, shark-fin antenna, and its badging, the WRX Raiu gives an understated yet aggressive profile for Subaru’s flagship saloon.

Canada is getting a limited 2019 Subaru WRX Raiu Edition

The Raiu is based off the WRX Sport-tech RS trim, meaning it receives bits like pair of a Recaro bucket seats, suede upholstery, and upgraded brake pads up front. To up the ante for the Raiu however, STI bits like ground effects and a short-throw shifter have been thrown into the mix. Despite all these changes, the 2.0L FB20 Turbocharged flat four remains unchanged and will still push 270 PS and 350 Nm of torque through a six-speed manual gearbox.

Only 100 WRX Raius will be sold through dealerships throughout Canada. Priced at $40,995, this WRX will sell at quite the premium over a standard version which retails under $30,000.