Caparo teases limited edition T1 Evolution

Caparo teases limited edition T1 Evolution image

/ Caparo | August 11, 2014 10:07

Delivers 710 PS

Caparo released a teaser photo of the limited edition T1 evolution, a Formula One inspired British 'hypercar.'

The teaser image was released on the Caparo Vehicle Technologies website and the company says the T1 Evolution retains all the race DNA of its predecessor. Caparo says the T1 Evolution will have an updated chassis, new suspension congifuration, improved driver comfort and experience.

The vehicle will also have telemetry and communications systems as well as an ABS, traction and stability control.

The British company says the Caparo T1 Evolution will have a power output of 710 PS.

Other details such as exterior design and pricing are yet to be released by the company.