Japanese design company NORI Inc. recently announced that it will launch an online educational program that is aimed to teach students in designing automobiles. Called the Car Design Academy, the program will offer to teach the fundamentals and skills necessary for all car designs at a lesser cost and easier access by those that want to take it.

Current courses available from Car Design Academy include the CDA Total Course wherein students can learn the proper technique in sketching, designing, perspective drawing and coloring by analog or digital means and Quarter View Sketching.

The CDA Total Course costs $4000 (about PHP 180,000) and includes 70 pages of textbook along with 69 pages of reference materials, nearly 10 hours of lecture video and 24 sections of personal advice/instruction from car designers. On the other hand, the Quarter View Sketching only costs $200 (about PHP 9,000) and includes 4 pages of textbook along with 4 pages of reference materials and a 21 minute lecture video.

Nori Kurihara

The program will be supervised by veteran car designer Nori Kurihara who helped design the look of such cars from BMW, Fiat and Volvo. He also helped design the Ford Fiesta, Escort, Scorpio and Transit when he joined Ford Europe back in 1982.

Further information about the courses and Car Design Academy itself can be found at cardesignacademy.com