This year's Los Angeles Auto Show design challenge is all about the future of the world's police patrol vehicles, specifically ones that will be considered as technologically advanced by the year 2025. With the automotive industry evolving in a pace that none of us would have imagined back then, these designs that were envisioned by major automotive manufacturer doesn't seem too far-fetched. Although designed solely for the design challenge, It might even give us a hint of what future production model will look like, just like what Mercedes-Benz did with the Ener-G-Force concept.

As the LA Auto Show draw nearer, five manufacturer have already come up with their own version of their year 2025 model of highway patrol vehicles.


BMW Group's E-Patrol(Human-drone pursuit vehicle)

The German automaker's creation can seat up to two patrol officers and can weave through traffic in this levitating vehicle, its interior forgoes your usual LCD or LED display and replaces it with holographic displays projected on the windscreen. The modular structure can deploy up to three drones(one air and two land) to pursue their target and relay data gathered to the main vehicle.


General Motor's Volt Squad

Powered by GM's advanced VOLT electronic propulsion vehicle, the squad aptly named as Pursue, a three wheeler ground pursuit unit; Engage, is a bigger four-wheeled vehicle for the heavier tasks; while Observe silently hovers above ground to keep an eye out for the rest of the squad.


Honda's CHiPs and Drone Squad

Honda's take on the future of law-enforcement is to have an option to operate unmanned motorcycles(Moto-Drones) that are deployed and controlled from its main vehicle named as the Auto-Drone. The CHiPs meanwhile is a three-wheeled motorcycle like vehicle that can be used to respond in areas with severe traffic conditions.


Mercedes-Benz's Ener-G-Force

While the rest of the participants have settled with digital rendering, Merecedes-Benz took the challenge a step further by producing a 1:1 scale model of its entry, the Ener-G-Force. This huge patrol vehicle will be happy to respond to areas with a more challenging environment.


Subaru's SHARCs

Subaru will be happy to provide 24 hour monitoring of the city with the Subaru Highway Automated Response Concept (SHARC) as it is powered by renewable energy and doesn't produce any harmful emissions.

The winner of the design challenge by the LA Auto Show is set to be announced on November 29, 2012.