Carlos Tavares stepped down as the Renault Chief Operating Officer as of August 29, 2013. The resignation is due to his pursuit other personal projects. During an interview with Bloomberg, Tavares expressed his interest over leading General Motors or Ford instead.

The former COO joined Renault in 1981 as a test-driving engineer at the Aubevoye test center before moving up as head of ground link engineering in 1985. Among the positions he held during his career with Renault are: Director of the Mid-Range Vehicle Program (2001); Nissan Program Director and Product Strategy and Planning Strategy (2004); Nissan Executive Vice President (2005); and head of Nissan operations in the Americas region (2009).

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn thanks Tavares for his contributions throughout his career with Renault. During this vacancy, Ghosn will be handling the duties of the COO.

The management will be expected to reorganize the organization to reinforce Renault’s industrial and commercial performance. Announcement of the changes will follow soon.