A white 2002 Mitsubishi Galant with plate XDP-484 fell from the third level of Greenhills Shopping Center Annapolis parking lot across V-Mall. According to separate reports from mall security and San Juan authorities, the white sedan allegedly traveled at significant speed hitting 6 to 8 other vehicles before crashing through a wall to fall down from the parking building. The car landed on two vehicles parked by the sidewalk, a silver Nissan Urvan and a barely new gray Toyota Fortuner.

The nearby police and firefighters immediately proceeded to the incident to extract the 73-year-old driver identified as Juanito Nocos from his car. Nocos was rushed to the nearby Cardinal Santos Medical Center. He was declared stable and safe by the doctors that examined him.

Nocos, who uses a pacemaker due to a heart condition, reportedly lost conciousness while driving thereby losing control of his vehicle as it slammed into the cars on the third level before it fell off.