Some say it with an exceptionally tailored suit; others with sleek jewelry, a top-of-the-line watch, maybe even a big-screen plasma TV. But few symbols of success make a more definitive statement than a luxury car-particularly one that has become the stuff of rap videos and Hollywood movies: the Chrysler 300C.

It's apparent from the outset that the Chrysler 300C is a fine piece of automotive engineering, but with Chrysler teaming up with the one of the leading names in performance tuning, the sedan has seriously been exclusively equipped for an even more sophisticated styling. Startech, born from the makers of Brabus high-performance tuning and design for Mercedes-Benz cars, now unveils its masterpiece for the legendary Chrysler marque. The Chrysler 300C Startech Edition is a limited edition with only 20 units available in the country. The Chrysler 300C Startech Edition was brought in by CATS Motors, Inc. to offer automobile luxury with a kick that is as fierce as the boldest and muscular American cars once were.

Luxury and Performance in One Confident Statement

A proud and prestigious vehicle since its introduction, the Chrysler 300C's reinvention has won accolades for its distinctive styling, roomy interior and powerful performance capabilities, which include a 250 Hp 3.5 liter V6 engine under its hood as well as a 340 Hp HEMI V8 engine. The Chrysler 300C is designed with technology that combines both intuition and innovation.

Clearly the Chrysler 300C is a powerful piece of machinery that is a throwback to the glory of the prominent Chrysler nameplate. And with more than a dash of gangster influence, the Chrysler 300C's dramatic profile, it already denotes sleek power and confidence. But loaded up with Startech's smattering of accessories and new features lend redefined efficiency and urban finesse, easily making the update nothing short of sensational.

Limited Edition with Unlimited Attention

The exterior styling, beginning with the Startech Signature Chrome Grille with Matrix Design, emphasizes crisp-edged luxury that lends a sporty yet elegant design to the Chrysler 300C's already commanding exterior. Already standing out with its stylish 18-inch wheels and HID headlamps, a grand entrance is reinforced further by the addition of the Startech Illuminated Door Sills, the Startech Aluminium Pedal Set, and the Startech Rear Spoiler.

Staying true to the intent of transporting you in spacious stateliness, the interiors are a testament to the comfortable and gracefully designed ideals that the Chrysler 300C is known for. A long list of interior conveniences includes premium leather seats, Electronic Vehicle Information Center, sunroof, and a killer 276-watt digital amplifier with the Boston Acoustics® sound system.

Overall, the commanding character of the Chrysler 300C Startech Edition is reaffirmed with the official Startech badge seen on the sides and the rear of the vehicle.

Performance Revolution

Punctuated by technological innovation, creature comforts and a high-performance engine, the limited edition 300 C packs the full power you'd expect from its brand name that truly allows you to feel the performance and handling of the car.

Combined with the brand's provenance and Startech's innovation, the Limited Edition 300 C is clearly destined to make automotive history as a vehicle that stands for what automobiles can and should be.

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