Last week, Tagaytay City reopened its doors to tourists. More importantly, they said that travel passes were no longer needed for those planning to visit the popular tourist destination. This led to numerous people from Metro Manila and various provinces flocking to Tagaytay last weekend, causing traffic jams in the area.

However, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said earlier this week that travel passes are still needed to go to Tagaytay. Specifically, Police Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, who heads the Joint Task Force COVID SHIELD, clarified that the waiver on the use of travel pass is only for those residing within the province of Cavite. As such, those residing in Metro Manila still need to get a travel pass according to the PNP. 

Cavite Gov. Remulla: Travel pass not needed for Tagaytay image

So Tagaytay LGU announced no need for a travel pass but the PNP says otherwise. Today, however, the topic of travel passes, and Tagaytay City got a little bit more confusing.

Governor Jonvic Remulla of Cavite announced that Tagaytay City is open for business. He also clarified that visitors going to the popular tourist destination no longer need to secure a travel pass. The announcement comes two days after the PNP said that non-Cavite residents will still need to secure a travel pass to enter.

“On behalf of the Cavite Provincial Government, I would like to apologize for the hasty decision to issue a travel warning to Tagaytay City last September 15. I was reacting to a directive made by Philippine National Police Chief General Guillermo Eleazar issuing a statement that a travel pass is required to enter Tagaytay,” wrote Remulla on his Facebook page.

“Sa kasalukuyan, bukas po ang Tagaytay City under MGCQ at hindi po kinakailangan ng travel pass para makarating dito,” he added. (At the moment, Tagaytay City is open under MGCQ and a travel pass is not needed to go there.)

Cavite Gov. Remulla: Travel pass not needed for Tagaytay image

Remulla does warn visitors to follow strict health protocols in the area. He notes that 250 cadets of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) along Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Road has tested positive for COVID-19.

With various agencies having different stands, who do we follow? PNP, Tagaytay LGU, or Gov. Remulla?

If we are to take Gov. Remulla's word, then it seems we can now go to Tagaytay without the hassle of securing a travel pass. Just remember to keep safe if you do plan on going since the virus is still out there.