All around the world, several cities and states have already announced that they will be banning combustion engine vehicles in the near future. Instead, only electric vehicles and other “green” modes of transportation will be allowed. However, it seems one province in the Philippines wants to follow in their footsteps – Cavite.

The Province of Cavite along with all of its Local Government Units (LGUs) has plans to go zero-emission in the near future. Specifically, the province plans to ditch all diesel- and gasoline-powered vehicles used by LGUs and public utility vehicles (PUVs) by 2035. The announcement was made by Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla, through his official social media page.

Nothing is officially set in stone yet though. According to the governor, the topic of “Goin’ Green” is set to undergo deliberation from the provincial leadership next week. However, he says that the process will not be simple, hence the 15 to the 20-year timeline. The move must also be carefully planned in order to ensure sufficient infrastructure to support the program.

“In the long term, we are proposing a 15-year phase-out program of all fossil fuel-based engines from both Local Government and Public Transportation. The process, however, shall entail consultation, engineering, and economic impact analysis before it is put into law. Our aim is for Cavite to be gasoline and diesel engine free by 2040,” said the governor.

For private vehicle owners, you have nothing to worry about. Your combustion-engine vehicles will still be allowed on Cavite roads. Well, that’s unless the Land Transporation Office bans combustion engine vehicles too, but I digress. Only government vehicles and PUVs will be mandated if Gov. Remulla’s plans push through.

Will Cavite be the first province to make a commitment to go green in the Philippines? We will just have to wait and see.