After months of rehabilitation, all critical sections of CAVITEX have been repaired

Motorists that frequently use the Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX) may have noticed the countless road rehabilitation projects on the expressway in the past few months. While they may have hindered the flow of traffic for some time, the continuous repairs are meant to fix the most critical sections of the expressway from wear and tear.

After months of work, CAVITEX has announced that the PHP 78 million road rehabilitation works are finished. According to CAVITEX Infrastructure Corporation (CIC) and Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA), they have completed the heavy repair works on the most critical segments of the expressway.

PHP 78 million road rehab project in CAVITEX now complete image

The rehabilitation project started in February of this year. It involved the repair of pavement fractures, distortions, and disintegration along the Longos, Bacoor Exit, Exit to CAVITEX, and a 1-km section of the main carriageway from Wawa Bridge to Zapote Interchange, both Cavite- and Manila-bound directions.

“With the recently completed heavy maintenance project in CAVITEX, we now have safer carriageways and smoother roads that help improve the overall driving experience of our motorists. Despite challenges brought about by the pandemic, we continue to invest in projects that will ensure the safety and convenience of our toll road users,” said Bobby Bontia, president and general manager of CIC.

Atty. Janilo Rubiato, CEO and general manager of PRA, said that the high-maintenance project will result in a safer and smoother experience for all motorists that use CAVITEX.

PHP 78 million road rehab project in CAVITEX now complete image

“PRA and CIC are fully committed to providing a safe and high-quality expressway for our motorists. We ensure that they get what they pay for in terms of safety, ease, and convenience in traveling through CAVITEX. Hence, we considered the high-maintenance project a must to live up to that commitment, and with the results we now see and experience in the toll road, we consider it money well spent,” added Rubiato.

Have you already driven on the rehabilitated CAVITEX? Is the driving experience better and smoother than before? Let us know in the comments below what you think about the newly-repaired expressway.