While emissions testing is a must for renewing your vehicle registration, there have been instances of private emissions testing centers (PETC) not exactly coming clean with what they do. Some motorists are aware of this, but one congressman has called out those PETCs.

Rep. Rufus Rodriguez of the Second District of Cagayan de Oro wrote to the Department of Transport (DOTr) to “weed out the unscrupulous PETCs”. That's because he has been receiving reports of PETCs accepting bribes to pass vehicles that either fail emissions or are smoke-belching. It's one of the reasons why Rep. Gonzales is calling for the DOTr to suspend vehicle emissions testing until the end of the year.

Allegations of bribery aren't new in PETCs, but Rep. Rodriguez's letter to the DOTr could be an indication of rampant cases in his district. So far, only Rodriguez has raised this concern to the DOTr, but his actions could bring forward some changes to the vehicle registration process. At the moment, however, the DOTr has not responded to his letter.

But aside from the alleged bribes the PETCs are accepting, there's another reason why Gonzales is suggesting the suspension of emission tests. He says that he has been receiving reports of motorists lining up for 4 to 5 hours. Another thing he pointed out is that the 4 to 5-hour standby is just for an individual to be able to get a number and not even for the test itself. After which the owner of the vehicle will then have to wait "at least two weeks" for their number to be "called" for the test to be carried out.

In his letter, he says the reason he's calling for its suspension is to “make it easier for motor vehicle owners to register their vehicles”. Aside from that, one has to consider the safety of the people. Waiting in line for that long in public could expose people to the virus that's still floating around. It will be interesting to see how the DOTr will respond to Rodriguez's letter, or if they will respond at all.