Aside from the M4 Concept Iconic Lights, BMW has revealed a laser-guided i3 concept at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The BMW i3 concept is yet another self-driving vehicle shown at the 2015 CES. In our previous reports, Audi introduced its own piloted driving concept through the Prologue and the A7 models. With this, it appears that the automotive manufacturers are eyeing to make self-driving vehicles into a reality.

Rear of the BMW laser-guided i3 concept

Going back to the i3 concept, BMW says it is a vehicle that can park itself through the fully automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant system. This system combines the information gathered by onboard laser scanners with the digital plan of a car park building. When a driver finds an empty spot, BMW claims that the Remote Valet Parking Assistance system can be activated via a smartwatch. Upon activating, the laser-guided i3 concept autonomously parks at the empy parking spot.

BMW laser-guided i3 concept

Another cool thing about this laser-guided i3 concept is its ability to return on its own to the car park exit, in time for the driver's arrival. This is made possible through a command made by the driver via a smartwatch. The i3 concept even calculates the exact time when the driver returns to the car park.

BMW laser-guided i3 concept automated driving

The concept also comes with a 360-degree collision avoidance system that is based on "precise position and environment sensing." It has four laser scanners that monitor the surroundings of the vehicle and BMW says the concept can accurately identify obstacles. In addition, when a potential collision happens, the system warns the driver through an audio signal. If the vehicle is approaching an obstacle or a wall too fast, it will brake independently to avoid a crash.