Following its announcement, BMW has finally revealed its M4 Concept Iconic Lights at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The exterior of the BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights is finished in 'Cool White' metallic paint and fitted with twin round headlights. The laser light technology can be identified by the fine blue strips inside the lights. It also features OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) taillights and rear turn signals. The OLED elements are just 1.4 millimeters thick which allows new possibilities for taillight design.

As previously reported, the M4 Concept Iconic Lights is equipped with the automaker's improved laserlight technology which made its production debut in the i8. BMW says the concept features laser lighting technology that can provide a high-beam range of up to 600 meters. With this, the headlights of the concept has a "coherent" monochromatic blue laser light that is converted into harmless white light, similar to natural daylight.

Moreover, the laser headlights has an anti-dazzle system to prevent other motorists from being blinded by the light. It is also integrated with assistance systems and vehicle sensors to provide enhanced safety. BMW goes on by saying that through a laser-based Dynamic Light Spot, the system can provide early warning of people or animals at night from a distance of up to 100 meters.