Besides the Blue Link smart watch app that will allow users remote control on some of their car's functions, Hyundai also revealed their Augmented Reality Head-Up Display and the Hyundai Cockpit Concept. Both technologies will display necessary driving and navigation information onto the windshield, allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road and not having to look at information at a different screen.

The Augmented Reality Head-Up Display is a system that projects animations, directions and signs relevant to the driver's destination and safety. Working in tandem with the Augmented Reality HUD is the Intersection Movement System which warns the driver of oncoming vehicles when trying to cross or make a turn on a busy intersection.

The signs and navigation aids of the HUD

An additional feature of the Augmented Reality HUD is a wearable band which acts as a heart rate monitor and as a warning device which will vibrate when the driver leaves their lane without using a turn signal or when another car suddenly enter their lane. In an event that the driver's heart rate changes abruptly or rapidly, the system will notify emergency services in order for the driver to be treated immediately.

Another view of the Hyundai HUD

Next is the Hyundai Cockpit Concept which has been fitted with new features, as well as updated ones. Some of its notable functions include Heart Rate Monitoring, Driver Alterness Monitor, Blind Spot and Safe Following Distance Warnings, Advanced Low Fuel Warnings, Advanced Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Navigation Transfer from car to walking and gas stations near route. The Hyundai Cockpit Concept also supports 3D hand-gesture recognition, where users can access menus like navigation, infotainment, audio and even smartphone functions with simple hand gestures.

A render of the tablet infotainment system

Also a part of the Cockpit Concept is a Rear Seat Entertainment System that can be monitored and controlled by a head unit and separate tablet. A passenger can use the tablet in order to set the preferred cabin temperature, infotainment system, navigation, car connectivity and other functions.