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CES 2016: BMW i3 Concept revealed with Gesture Parking


BMW improves the i3 with updated self-parking function, added wireless connectivity

Parking the BMW i3 in the future can soon be done with just a simple gesture of the hand after the company debuted a new i3 Concept at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The all-electric car as we know can park by itself, but the concept present at the annual auto show now features Gesture Parking. Instead of setting the onboard controls, it now has sensors that recognize hand gestures, allowing the car to park by itself or leave a parking space for one's convinience.


Beside doing the parking for you, the car can even let itself out of your garage, provided that it's a smart home. When integrated with the house, picking up the keys can start the car and signal the garage door to open.

Other functions present in the i3 Concept include: 3D Remote View wherein the onboard cameras can take images of the car's surroundings and Bumper Detect which can capture footage of someone bumping your car and notifying you at the same time.

Managing one's smart home can be done while inside the i3 Concept thanks to Samsung's Things app. Turning off lights or checking the home's thermostat is now possible.

Aside putting all available tech in their cars, BMW thought up of making street lights as charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs). Called Light & Charge, pilot projects of the new street lights are currently ongoing in the cities of Munich, Oxford and Los Angeles.

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