Aside from the i Vision Future Interaction concept, BMW has revealed the i8 Mirrorless at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The i8 Mirrorless concept comes with cameras that is designed to completely replace the vehicle's side and rearview mirrors. According to BMW, the concept is fitted with two cameras that replaces the side mirrors which are mounted on aerodynamically optimized holders. The two cameras are supplemented by a third camera mounted on the upper edge of the rear windscreen.

Interior of the BMW i8 Mirrorless concept

The images from the cameras are merged and displayed as a single image on a high-resolution screen that replaces the conventional rearview mirror. The German automaker said that the cameras cover larger viewing angles and eliminates blind spots.

BMW i8 Mirrorless concept

The system also evaluates the images gathered by the cameras and can respond to imminent hazards by alerting the driver with a yellow warning icon.