If driving around in a McLaren 675LT feels pedestrian somehow, the folks at McLaren Automotive collaborates with JVCKENWOOD to make a concept with one of the most advanced cockpits of any vehicle to date.

Currently on display at the CES® 2016 consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD Concept is a model that truly stands out with highly advanced electronics incorporated into its dashboard and is also a celebration of McLaren and F1’s 25th anniversary as automotive partners.

Led by Peter Wilkins, the McLaren design team and JVCKENWOOD Japan worked together to integrate the JVCKENWOOD CAROPTRONICS system into the 675LT Coupe.

To give the concept a fully digital cockpit experience and to make all the equipment fit, the entire center console and climate control system was removed.

It will come with all-in-one Head-Up Display (HUD) system with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that feeds all vehicle info to the driver.

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The concept now uses a ‘new’ steering wheel, which was taken from the the track-devoted McLaren P1™ GTR with the IPAS and DRS buttons replaced by positioning controls for the HUD with fighter plane inspired graphics.

Since the JVCKENWOOD CAROPTRONICS HUD makes the current gauges and instruments redundant, all of it was removed and replaced by a vent framed by satin carbon fiber to provide cool air directly to the driver.

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The exterior also gets enhancements via aerodynamically designed door-mounted rear view camera blades the reduce weight and drag resistance while also adding downforce at thigh speed.

There’s also a third camera mounted above the rear number plate that completes the Digital Rear View Monitor (DRVM) system of JVCKENWOOD. The images fed by all three cameras offer a wider rear field of view and reduces blind spots because of the high-resolution image it provides.