Toyota seems to be going all out at the coming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas.

Aside from revealing new information about an Artificial Intelligence System, the automaker is also set to show attendees a high-precision map generation system that will be built-in to Toyota vehicles in the future that will send data to a cloud in real-time.

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The new system will use in-car cameras on production units that will gather road images and vehicle positional information in order to get the automotive industry closer to autonomous driving technology.

Less precise than costly three-dimensional scanners mounted on vehicles that are used by the likes of Google, Toyota’s system will rely on multiple vehicles sending data simultaneously to the cloud. Bits of information from various vehicles will then be analyzed by the system and pieced together in order to recreate the locale in the form of a detailed and accurate map.

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Toyota says that because they plan to make this technology available to all production vehicles by 2020, economies of scale will minimize the expense of gathering map data. To further enhance the system, Toyota also plans to collaborate with companies, whether public or private, which offer the same service.