During the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, Volkswagen debuted the Golf R Touch (pictured above) that features gesture control. For this year, the German automaker is back in Las Vegas to introduce the e-Golf touch, which shows an updated infotainment system.

Based on the latest version of Volkswagen's MIB infotainment system, the e-Golf concept offers gesture controls and is housed in a 9.2-inch high-resolution display (1280 x 640 pixels). It also has four touch-sensitive buttons that consist of Menu, Home, Car and App functions. Moreover, the e-Golf's infotainment system comes with a rotary switch.

The driver can configure the screen and can assign ten different functions for faster access. Volkswagen's new infotainment can integrate smartphone platforms such as MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The e-Golf Touch also has Volkswagen's latest voice control technology that features improved controls. The voice commands are displayed on the screen to accompany the request and Volkswagen says this system will be launched in Europe this year.

Volkswagen adds that the e-Golf Touch has a “keyword activation” voice recognition function. This feature allows the driver to start voice recognition by saying “Hello Volkswagen”.

Furthermore, the e-Golf Touch is integrated with an inductive charging system placed under the infotainment system. Through this technology, Volkswagen says rear passengers can also wirelessly charge their smartphones. Adding to the list of tech features, the e-Golf Touch is equipped with a USB Type C port that provides high-speed data transfer while simultaneously charging the phone.