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CES 2017: BMW introduces futuristic cabin design for self-driving cars


BMW i Inside Future previews future cabin design for autonomous cars

BMW Group recently exhibited the future of interior design in self-driving cars by introducing the i Inside Future sculpture at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Nevada.

The automaker claims that the interior is perceived as a room with separate zones allowing the occupants to spend the journey as they please. It is also equipped with an updated BMW Holoactive Touch, which produces full-color, interactive display in a free-floating form.


Meanwhile, the Driver assistance systems provide an ever-increasing degree of effective support. With the current system, it only offers controlling speed and regulating distance to other cars and keeping in lane. On the other hand, the future system also offers avoiding collisions through monitoring traffic moving along the same road or crossing it.

BMW said that the interior of the future allows both ambience and controls to adapt to the current driving mode. Apart from these, the automaker also claims that the driver alone will be the one to make the choice between active and automated driving in the future.

It also gets a navigation system which identifies more suitable routes for fully automated driving. The driver is notified once the car reaches a specific road and can then activate the switch to automated mode. If the driver wants to take the wheel again, he can do so any time.

Since not all prefer the same genre of music, BMW also integrated a Sound Curtain in each seat's head restraint allowing the occupants to listen to their own choice of music. It also features a large-formatwidescreen display that can also function as an additional overhead light when not in use.

Other amenities include: dashboard display, BMW gesture control and voice control, iDrive system, and touchscreen function for the Control Display.

BMW said that all functions can be selected and activated through voice control system or from the driver’s seat using the brand's HoloActive Touch system.

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