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CES 2017: Faraday Future FF 91 EV crossover revealed


All-new Faraday Future FF 91 EV has better range, power than Tesla Model X

Having only released one EV hypercar concept last year,  Faraday Future have now come to this year’s Consumer Electrics Show with a more feasible electric vehicle to showcase. Dubbed the FF 91, their new all-electric crossover is set to follow suit to the Tesla Model X.

Being a newcomer electric car company, Faraday is actually backed by LeEco, a Chinese conglomerate, and former Lotus and Tesla engineer Nick Sampson.


Standing at 5250mm long with a 3063mm wheelbase, the futuristic crossover accentuates its rather long profile with a swept back windscreen and a steeply angled rear window. The FF 91’s sleek windows – not to mention its streamlined body – is a product of sticking to proper aerodynamics during design. This crossover manages to achieve just 0.25 coefficient of drag, allowing it to slip through air to save momentum. Richard Kim, vice president of design, says that every body panel had aero factored in first, with aesthetics coming in a close second.

“We make the aerodynamic design beautiful,” he said. “Nearly every aspect serves more than one role. Form follows multifunction.”

For example, the twin antennae on the roof actually help with airflow, while protruding items such as the rear backup camera have been tucked snugly into the rear spoiler. The sizeable 22-inch wheels actually change shape at speed to allow for better flow of air through the spokes. Door mirrors will supposedly be “ultra-spindly arms with cameras attached”, however US law have yet to provide any provisions allowing for cameras to be used as side mirrors.

The motors powering the FF 91 claim to make a total of 1064 PS matched with over 1,800 Nm of torque – easily dwarfing numbers made by late-model Teslas. The FF 91’s powertrain is housed on Faraday’s Variable Platform Architecture which holds the batteries in the floor with an electric motor on each end. With these numbers, Faraday claims that the FF 91 will do 0-60 in 2.39 seconds – faster than the Model X and other contemporary supercars.

Despite its capabilities, Faraday promises more than 700 km of range per charge as tested on the European NEDC rating system. A 130 kilowatt-hour battery pack is partly responsible for the rather long range. As an offset to a large battery, charging time will certainly take longer for juice to be replenished. On a 240-volt outlet, Faraday says that the FF 91 can go up to full charge in four and a half hours.

Production of the FF 91 at Faraday’s Nevada plant won’t begin anytime soon however as the first cars are expected to be delivered sometime in 2018. For now though, interested buyers can register at the company’s webpage and pay a $5000 fully refundable deposit to be one of the first in line.

The price for the car however has yet to be finalized, with executives still pretty mum about pricing the new crossover. Several reports earlier pegged the FF 91’s price range at $150,000 - $200,000.

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