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CES 2017: Self-driving BMW 5 Series prototype arrives in Las Vegas


Autonomous BMW 5-Series prototype gets voice control, self-parking function

BMW Group has recently unveiled a self-driving 5 Series prototype at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The 5 Series prototype is equipped with an onboard computer which can cross-check the car's position as well as environment through its digital map. Also, by providing upcoming appointments, the car can calculate the best route and departure time based on road conditions.


Meanwhile, all information that will be received by the car is controlled by an Open Mobility Cloud service which functions as the intelligent data management system. BMW said that it also enables the occupants to appreciate the added in-car entertainment system.

When in Passenger mode, the occupant is provided with an array of apps, which are seamlessly integrated to their smartphones or tablets. If video is selected, the 5 Series prototype will then automatically dim the lights as well as close the rear sunshades.

In addition, it also features a Microsoft Cortana for voice controls and a Robot Valet Parking Service for fully-autonomous parking.

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