Volkswagen recently unveiled its new Digital Cockpit 3D concept at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The automaker claims that the concept combines future technologies into intuitive experience.

Under the slogan “We are always on,” the automaker allows CES participants to experience its vision of future mobility, moving away from the traditional car and consumer relationship in favor of a new digital community.

CES 2017: Volkswagen reveals Digital Cockpit 3D concept

Equipped with two screens, set one behind the other, the automaker said that it helps create a 3D feel with an illusion of depth. In addition, Volkswagen also claims that it makes learning to use the display quicker and easier than before.

It also features an eyetracking technology, which tracks the driver's line of sight inside the car, automatically reducing amount of information displayed in the screen when it is not being viewed. Users can also now reach the control faster with the removal of intermediate steps in the menu and fewer controls available.

The Digital Cockpit Concept by Volkswagen

Apart from these, it is also fitted with the AR Head-up Display, which shows information graphics in virtual form ahead of the vehicle. With this, drivers are able to access any personally relevant information without taking their eyes off the road.

Volkswagen also said that the new technology will be integrated into the production version of the ID Concept, which will arrive in 2020.