Over the years, the Porsche 911 has become both a cult classic and a status symbol among enthusiasts. Its distinct body style is pretty much carried over to every new generation and to be honest, most of them really do look the same.

With Porsche being a rather premium brand, it follows that customization is an option for their cars’ buyers. The good news for future 911 owners is that with Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, they can customize the color palette of their 911’s interior, making their car stand out among the rest.

Porsche 911 two tone interior image

For those who might not know, Porsche Exclusive Manufacktur is made of highly-skilled craftsmen who create and put the personal touch that every Porsche owner wants to have on their car. Based in Zuffenhausen, Manufaktur employees devote their full attention to every detail while taking all the time that’s needed to put their pieces together by hand.

Aside from individual customer cars, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur also makes limited small series and editions made of high-quality materials with more modern production technologies to bring harmony to any overall concept.

Porsche 911 two tone interior image

“Personalization plays an important role in Porsche. Around 90 percent of all 911 models are customized to order for customers, and 25% of all cars in this series delivered worldwide go through our Exclusive Manufaktur. With the new ‘Leather Interior Exclusive Manufaktur’ option, we are adding another highlight to our range, which comprises approximately 700 options. We will initially offer four color combinations, with others to follow,” says Alexander Fabig, Vice President Individualization, and Classic at Porsche AG.

Featuring a plethora (albeit limited for now) of color combinations, this exclusive leather interior is available for all models of the Porsche 911 series. The color distribution is meant to highlight and put emphasis on the 911’s 2+2 single seats.

Porsche 911 two tone interior image

Unique to the Exclusive Manufaktur package is the quilted seat center panels at the front and rear, quilted door panels, as well as other extensive leather trim. The decorative seams, as well as the accent stitching on the steering wheel, ensure that there is a cohesive overall look in the cabin. Other more “bespoke” features of the package include the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur embossing on the cover of the center console storage box, embossed Porsche crests on the headrests, and Race-Tex seat belt outlet trims found in the Coupé models.

As of writing, the two-tone interior is available in the following combinations:

Bordeaux Red/Crayon (which you see in these photos)

Black/Slate Grey

Slate Grey/Iceland Green

Graphite Blue/Mojave Beige

Porsche did mention that a few hundred more color combinations will be coming, so you needn’t worry about these limited choices. The only thing you’ll have to think about now is whether to customize your Porsche 911 now or wait it out just a little bit longer for the more extensive color list to be made available.