After one week, the owner of the Mitsubish Mirage V6 has installed some new parts

Remember the crazy Mitsubishi Mirage project from Puerto Rico? As a recap, the owner decided to swap out the small 1.2-liter 3A92 three-cylinder engine for a bigger 3.8-liter 6G75 V6 derived from the Pajero/Eclipse.

Despite having thrice the displacement of the factory engine, it appears the owner was able to make the six-cylinder fit inside the Mirage's tiny engine bay. However, we won't be surprised if the owner has to do some cutting in order to fit a new radiator, as well as a way to replace the front impact beam for added safety. The project is a work-in-progress so the owner is not yet done tinkering with the ambitious project.

Ambitious V6-powered Mitsubishi Mirage gets new parts image

After one week, it looks like the owner has made some progress for his Mirage V6. While it may still look the same, it seems they have successfully installed new engine brackets. In addition, it appears the owner was able to find a larger air intake pipe for the V6 motor, as well as what looks to be a new gearbox.

Besides installing some new parts, the owner was also busy with the valve covers. We're not entirely sure whether the owner had them repainted or repolished, but they do appear shinier than before.

Ambitious V6-powered Mitsubishi Mirage gets new parts image

There's still no sign of a radiator under the hood. But given the limited space, the owner could be thinking of replacing it elsewhere in the car. There's also the matter of rewiring everything in order for the engine to fire on all cylinders. Last but not least is the custom fabrication work and the upgrading of the drivetrain in order to match the rest of the power.

The V6-powered Mirage still has a long way to go. But if all goes according to plan, we might be looking at one of the most powerful Mirage Hatchbacks to date.