The new normal is really all about the face mask.

No matter where you live or where you go, chances are you will be required to wear one. But what if you don’t want to use the standard disposable surgical or N95 masks readily available in the market? What if you want something that shows off you’re a car guy and maybe help friends recognize you in the sea of blue/white.

Fortunately, companies around the world now have their own face masks for sale. From manufacturers like Nissan to Formula 1 teams and even aftermarket tuners like Bride and Spoon, we list down eight automotive-themed face masks you can buy to keep yourself and others around you safe in style.

Check out these 8 cool face masks for the car enthusiast image


Starting with the manufacturers, Nissan now sells their own face masks with the NISMO logo. It’s the same mask worn by the members of Motul Autech GT-R / NISMO team at the Super GT 2020. It is made from three layers of material, which makes it easy to breathe, and is also reusable. It is on sale at the Nissan online store in Japan for only 990 yen (PhP 450) but is currently out of stock.

Check out these 8 cool face masks for the car enthusiast image


Aside from building ventilators during the height of the pandemic, Ford also made face masks. Now, you can own it too. On sale at the Ford Lifestyle Collection website, their mask uses their signature blue colorway with the Ford logo on the upper right-hand side. According to the automaker, these masks are reusable and made from 100% polyester. It is also washable up to 50 times. It is set to go on sale starting October 19, 2020, and will retail for USD 11.48 (PhP 558).

McLaren/Ferrari U Mask

McLaren and Ferrari’s face mask are some of the coolest on the market. Apart from being the same ones used by their F1 drivers, the orange or red color will certainly help you stand out from the crowd. Like Nissan’s, their face mask also uses three layers and is washable. The only problem with McLaren's U Mask is the price. Each one costs Eur 36.84 (PhP 2,120) and that doesn't include shipping just yet. Meanwhile, we can't seem to find Ferrari's U Mask anywhere. 


If you want something truly JDM then aftermarket seat manufacturer Bride has the face mask for you. Compared to the two face masks above, the BR3D has a more traditional design similar to surgical masks on the market and uses 4-layers of material. According to the manufacturer, the material used in their masks is the same one that is used for their seats. Bride’s BR3D mask currently retails for 3,000 yen (PhP 1,400) at dealers in Japan and is available in black or red.

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Spoon Sports 

For the Honda enthusiasts out there, this one is for you. Spoon Sports is now selling face masks too. Unlike most Spoon parts for sale on the market, the mask is quite affordable. The Honda tuner is only selling its reusable masks at 700 yen (PhP 323) in Japan. Better yet, and will be available around the world at official Spoon Sport distributors. 

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Into Toyotas instead of Hondas? Fame tuner TOM’S also has their own face masks on sale. It’s quite minimalist too. Instead of a big TOM’S logo, it looks just like a plain black mask. Their logo is only found on the tag at the side. Like most other face masks, it is also washable and reusable. Their Super GT team members also use this face mask, just like Nissan with their NISMO mask. Although it is currently sold out on their website, the TOM’S face mask retails for 1,760 yen (PhP 811) and comes in three sizes.

Check out these 8 cool face masks for the car enthusiast image

Rays Engineering

Yes, the makers of the legendary TE37 are now selling branded face masks too. It is currently available for pre-order at their online website for only 2,200 yen (PhP 1,014). Each order consists of two face masks with two different print colors – black and gray. They also come with an antibacterial mask case to put your used mask. If you’re rocking a set of Rays Engineering wheels, this is definitely the face mask for you.

Check out these 8 cool face masks for the car enthusiast image


K&N is known for making some of the best aftermarket air filters in town. Now, you can breathe easy and stay protected with their new line of face masks. From building filters, they have now applied the same skills to design and make a face mask. It uses a material called “ProCool” fabric which is washable and reusable. The straps are even adjustable to make it fit everyone. K&N’s “Face Covering” is now on sale at their website for USD 20.99 (PhP 1,021) a pair and is available in three colors.


So far the eight face masks listed above are some of our favorites currently available on the market. more importantly, all of these are licensed products made by respective manufacturers. So not only do you get to represent and support your favorite company, but you will also be safe from COVID-19 at the same time.

As much as it would be nice to own all of them, it’s just not efficient to do so. Not to mention you will end up spending a lot of money on face masks. Still, it would be cool if you had reusable face masks from different brands. You can constantly change it up to match your outfit for the day instead of just using the same old surgical masks.

You can also rep an 20th anniversary (yes, we're 20 now) face mask. It has a pocket inside if you want to add another filter (i.e. cutting up a surgical mask). The best bit: only costs just PhP 200 (plus shipping of course).

Which one is your favorite out of the eight? Did we miss out on a manufacturer or tuner selling officially licensed face masks? Let us know in the comments.