Barely a day has passed since the updated Montero Sport came out, and Mitsubishi has already shown off a few visual upgrades for it. Unlike the Strada's kit which got a tougher, off-roader look, they took a different approach for the Montero Sport.

Check out these kits for the 2020 Mitsubishi Montero Sport image

Instead, the Montero Sport gets more of a 'VIP' look with a kit that makes it look more like a metropolitan cruiser than a trail-ready rig. At the front is a deeper chin which makes it lower than the standard model. The kit features a larger center opening and a chrome strip for contrast. Along with that, it has 'Pajero Sport' spelled out on the edge of the hood.

Three accessories can be added to the Montero Sport's flanks. There's the rain visors, fender arch moldings, and the flush-mounted stepboards. The alloy wheels on the other hand are similar to that of the accessorized Strada with its six-spoke design. As for the rear, it gets the same kit as the front, giving the Montero Sport a lowered look.

Check out these kits for the 2020 Mitsubishi Montero Sport image

But if you want a more subtle OEM upgrade, Mitsubishi has that too. Instead of the kit, it gets a front under garnish that adds a little bit more undercarriage protection. There's also a similar package available for the rear, while the same stepboards can be fitted for the other look. Other accessories include a hood protector, exhaust finisher, illuminated scuff plates for the inside, luggage trays, and a built-in dashcam.

So far, these packages are available in Thailand. But with the updated model out over there, we might not have to wait that long before we get it here too, along with the other accessories.