The Japan-spec 2020 Toyota Corolla has been revealed, and its in-house tuners wasted little time giving it some pretty neat goodies.

There are two ways you can go for the all-new Corolla sedan. First is the VIP-themed Modellista and the second is the sportier TRD. But before we dive in and take a closer look at both, do note that the Japan-spec (or JDM as some would call it) Corolla sedan has a sportier front end compared to our 'Prestige' version. Also, instead of a Toyota badge, it uses the classic 'C' badge which home market Toyotas have always used. Now, on to the two models.

Check out these Toyota Corollas by TRD and Modellista image

As the Modellista version has an emphasis on the 'VIP' look or theme, this one appears flashier with a bit more chrome and attention-grabbing details. For starters, there's the front bumper kit which has splashes of chrome on the apron. There's another chrome garnish above the small grill. The side skirts then jut out the sides and, yes, there's even more chrome there too. It's on the doors, door handles, and side mirrors. You can then spec it with 18-inch alloy wheels shod in high-performance tires. Interestingly, they didn't do anything for the rear.

If you go for the Modellista interior, it gets four more options. You can choose to have a brushed aluminum effect panels on your dash or, if you want something more traditional, wood grain effect. Your interior lights can then be changed to LED bulbs and the optional kick plates come in either black, white, or silver. Last but not least is the courtesy light on the driver's side dashboard. Open the door and it illuminates the ground you're standing on.

Check out these Toyota Corollas by TRD and Modellista image

But if sport is more your thing, the TRD version has neat upgrades as well. The front chin is slimmer than that of the Modellista and red highlights accents the car's sporting intentions. Side skirts on the other hand are tucked in the body, likely to aid aerodynamics. As for the rear, there are bumper corner spoilers to give the sedan more visual zing. Also available are lightweight, multi-spoke alloy wheels wearing Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires.

The TRD Corolla is not just a cosmetic upgrade. The lightweight alloys and sport-oriented tires aside, there are two more functional upgrades for this particular model. As the Japan-spec Corolla can be ordered with a manual transmission and a turbo engine, TRD is offering a short throw shift kit in a bid to further enhance the driving experience. To tighten up handling even more, the in-house tuning company has chassis braces which Toyota says will make the Corolla handle ever sharper.

Check out these Toyota Corollas by TRD and Modellista image

Since we don't get the Japan-look Corolla in the Philippines, some of these parts just can't be bolted on to our units. Still, if you want to give yours more flair, there's the Corolla Altis GR Sport which would be nice if Toyota Philippines would bring it in here.