Honda Access kits out HR-V less than 24 hours after reveal

The world got its first look at the all-new HR-V yesterday, and boy, does it look good. Of course, a car that looks good straight from the showroom isn’t something that would hold some people back from kitting it out.

A few hours after its reveal, Honda Japan has updated its website to reflect the available exterior kits for the HR-V. Lo and behold, their newest crossover isn’t getting just one, but two OEM flavors called Urban Style and Casual Style. While both are comprised of almost the same pieces, their treatment is very different.

HR-V gets not one, but two Honda Access kits image

Starting with the Urban Style, we’d say this is the sportier of the two. At the front, you get a chrome border for the upper grill, plus a brushed silver chin accent that sits the whole width of the lip. To maintain a cohesive look, a side skirt is available with the Urban kit as well. It gets a black garnish with the same metal piece below the doors, and body-colored panels at the bottom, making the HR-V look lower.

At the back, the Urban also has a rear skirt and garnish piece. The skirt is reminiscent of the older rear valence pieces. The ones that stick on the underside but don’t wrap around the bottom of the bumper. The garnish, much like the chin and skirt, is also adorned with a polished silver strip on either side, just below the rear reflectors. Wrapping it all up is the optional tailgate spoiler with a two-tone (black and body) paint scheme, and what looks to be a longer LED brake light on top.

HR-V gets not one, but two Honda Access kits image

In contrast to the Urban, the Casual Style is a bit “louder”. While we don’t have the full coverage on its color, what can be seen on the site are kit pieces finished in a shade of bronze; definitely not color-keyed with the rest of the HR-V.

The pieces for the front, side, and rear are pretty much the same as that of the Urban, but this time, they are finished in the aforementioned brow-bronze metallic tone. The Casual does not come with a spoiler and instead has a side mirror cover as part of the kit. If anything, this package is probably geared towards the younger clientele of the HR-V. It even gives a highly accented look for the crossover. Screaming, but not obnoxiously so.

No prices have been indicated so far, but if we’re to base it on individual pieces of available genuine accessories for the outgoing HR-V, we’re looking at a hefty price of about PHP 115,500 for either kit, give and take a few thousand Pesos. Well, if we look at the same previous-gen HR-V with the Mugen kit, it came with a PHP 160,000 premium, so for OEM goodness, we guess this is about as good as it gets.