Rad Bumper of Thailand gives the Hilux a macho upgrade

There's nothing like dressing up a pick-up truck. Whether it's making it look flashy or modifying it to go off-road, there are many ways to modify a go-anywhere pick-up truck. But what if you want your pick-up to be both stylish and rugged at the same time?

If you happen to own a Toyota Hilux, Rad Bumper of Thailand has revealed a heavily modified version of it. Thanks to a wide array of upgrades that include a widebody kit, larger wheels, and an upgraded suspension, this particular Hilux does look rad.

Toyota Hilux by Rad image

Using a Revo variant of the Hilux as a base, Rad installed a large selection of accessories. One of the most striking upgrades are the wide fenders, giving the truck a more muscular appearance. Complementing the wide fenders are the new wheels wrapped in mud-terrain tires.

The stock front bumper has been replaced with a new steel bumper for better off-roading protection. It also comes with an integrated power winch to get itself (or others) unstuck when going over uneven terrain. Other key changes include an aftermarket hood, a larger front grille, auxiliary lights mounted on the roof, body graphics, a sports bar for the bed, and power-retractable side steps.

Toyota Hilux by Rad image

To make this pick-up capable of going over any type of terrain, Rad installed a suspension lift kit to improve ground clearance. As an added bonus, the lifted Hilux also comes with Old Man Emu suspension upgrades and springs.

Toyota Hilux by Rad image

There was no mention of any upgrades done to the powertrain. This means it could still be powered by either a 2.8-liter or 2.4-liter turbo-diesel engine. The former makes 204 PS with 500 Nm of torque, while the latter puts out 150 PS with 400 Nm of torque.

If you're planning on modifying your Hilux to the extreme, Rad Bumper's new build could serve as an inspiration.