The Mercedes G-Wagen sure has come a long way from when it was first introduced nearly 40 years ago.

Back then, it was intended to be a pure rugged off-roader capable of going nearly anywhere. Luxury and comfort were not the main concern. Today, the second-generation G-Class continues to be a proper off-roader, but now features more creature comforts and other luxurious finishes.

Hofele-Design adds more luxury to Mercedes-AMG G63 image

If you feel that the standard G-Class is still a bit lacking in the luxury department, well Hofele-Design might be able to help you out.  The European tuning house recently revealed the exterior and interior upgrades they can offer to current Mercedes-AMG G63 owners.

Don’t own one yet? Well, you can also buy a complete car from the tuner called the Hofele-Design HG Sport.

Starting with the exterior, it features a new bumper that incorporates a carbon fiber and “dark shadow chrome” elements. The signature Mercedes front grill has been replaced by a Hofele-Design unit which also replaces the three-pointed star badge with the company’s own logo. Extended carbon fiber fender arches give the G Wagen a more aggressive stance, and allows the wider 24-inch Hofele Design wheels to be fitted. At the rear, there’s more carbon fiber trim on the bumper. A unique cover is then fitted onto the door-mounted spare wheel.

Hofele-Design adds more luxury to Mercedes-AMG G63 image

To give passengers better access, a full-length side step deploys automatically once a door is opened. Meanwhile, the twin-tip side exit exhausts have been modified to prevent it from hitting the side steps once deployed. According to the company, this allows the original look of the G63 to be retained.

Once inside, the entire cabin – seats, dashboard, center console, door cards, pillars, and headlining – have all be reupholstered. Customers can choose between various materials and materials of their liking. Interestingly, Hofele-Design also offers various seating arrangements for you G63. Customers can have it in standard 5-seat configuration, a 4-seat VIP setup, or a 6-seat layout.

Hofele-Design adds more luxury to Mercedes-AMG G63 image

Unlike other tuning houses, Hofele-Design does not offer any power upgrades to the G63 in order to “preserve the integrity of manufacturer and dealer warranties”. The company adds that their clients “consider the performance available from the factory-fit 4.0-liter V8 bi-turbo powertrain more than sufficient”.