Over the years, Kei Miura of Pandem-Rocket Bunny and Tra-Kyoto have taken an angle grinder to some of the most popular sports and exotic cars out there, and slapped on extreme kits on them. In fact, even before the all-new Supra was delivered to customers, Miura-san was already offering a complete wide-body kit for the A90.

There is, however, another side of the business. Aside from tuner cars, Pandem also makes and sells wide body kits for other models including pickup trucks. One of Miura’s most recent creation would be this widebody Hilux, and much like all of his creations, this Hilux render is also slammed to the ground, is fitted with wide wheels, and has a chunky set of tires.

Much like the Pandem F-150 Raptor, the widebody kit for the Hilux lends well with the body lines of Toyota’s popular pickup truck. The new front bumper, which features a large nudge bar and skid plate, give the Hilux a more aggressive look. Meanwhile, the signature box fenders allow the pick up to be fitted with larger off-road wheels and tires.

The Pandem Hilux sure looks unique with it slammed to the ground. However, it won't exactly be practical for those who intend to use a pickup for its intended purpose. Then again, there might be owners who will decide to fit the Pandem kit on a lifted, off-road-spec Hilux.

The question now is whether an off-road spec Hilux with the Pandem kit will still look as aggressive as one slammed to the ground. Then again, it seems like you can get the kit while your truck still sits on its stock suspension. As for the lift kit, well, that can follow after.

The Pandem wide body kit for the Toyota Hilux is now on sale. It is a five-piece kit including the front fenders, rear fenders, front bumper, skid plate, and front bar.