Home vehicle serving now available from Chery Auto Philippines

Got no time to have your brand-new Chery serviced at the dealers? Are you still afraid of getting out of the house due to the COVID-19 pandemic? United Asia Automotive Group Inc. (UAAGI), the official distributor of Chery Auto Philippines, has just introduced a new program to help customers have their vehicles serviced from the comforts of their own home.

Strengthening Chery's after-sales service capability is the new EC Mobile Service Program. With it, authorized Chery mechanics can now provide quality service to its customers while they're home. The new mobile service program utilizes a modified Gratour MPV that has a servicing office equipped with all of the essential tools to be able to perform a preventive maintenance schedule (PMS). Aside from PMS, these mobile service centers can do other mechanical and electrical repairs/servicing needed.

Chery PH now offering home servicing with EC Mobile Program image

The service vehicles come with a 1.0-kilowatt inverter set which can power electric tools such as a grinder or an electric drill. There's also a battery-operated impact wrench, 2 large capacity oil pans, a creeper for technicians to use while doing under-chassis work, as well as a wide array of precision hand tools.

A diagnostic tool is also on hand which can check a car battery's condition, or tests an engine's compression, fuel, and oil pressure via onboard gauges. Servicing a vehicle's air-conditioning is also possible via an aircon manifold gauge. Other available features/services include an emergency jumpstarter battery, 220-volt outlets, and a tool for tracing disconnected electrical circuits without needing to dismantle a car's wire harness.

“We believe that people need not be inconvenienced unnecessarily by having to bring their Chery vehicles to the shop for preventive maintenance work or repair. And this opens doors for our dealers as well to realize even greater business by freeing up workshop space at the dealerships themselves,” said Rommel Syitin, president of UAAGI.

Chery PH now offering home servicing with EC Mobile Program image

For now, only a select number of Chery dealerships offer the EC Mobile Program. But in the future, Sytin said that it will be available for the rest of the dealership network across the country.

As the country adjusts to the new normal, Chery Auto Philippines' new EC Mobile Program is one of the company's way of continuously giving customers quality vehicle service even while they're at home.