A new electric micro car from Chery is coming soon

Electric microcars are the new trend in China. Just take a look at the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, for example. They're quite popular in China nowadays. Several examples have even made their way to the country and were seen in a local car spotting group on Facebook

So far, Wuling’s Mini EV is the most popular model in the segment due to its cheap price. However, it seems Chery wants a slice of the market too. They’re even reviving one an old nameplate for their upcoming EV microcar. 

It’s called the Cherry QQ Ice Cream. Yes, “Ice Cream” is officially part of the vehicle’s name too. We’re not exactly sure why, but the QQ should be a more familiar name to some. Before its all crossover lineup, Chery sold the QQ hatchback in the country over a decade back. With that, Chery hopes the new EV microcar will ride on the popularity of their previous eco-car.

Chery wants to beat China

Unfortunately, specific details about the QQ Ice Cream have yet to be released. There's also no mention of the powertrain and range of their upcoming micro EV. However, expect it to be at par with the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, its main competitor. 

The official photos released by Chery show the QQ Ice Cream covered in a unique bright pink camouflage. Despite the camo, it’s easy to see the micro EV’s profile. Not surprisingly, it looks very similar to the Hongguang Mini EV - from the boxy body, two doors, and the tiny wheels and tires. The main difference would be the large headlights with a U-shaped LED profile. 

There’s no word when the Chery QQ Ice Cream will debut. But given how light the camouflage on the model shown is, we expect it to be soon. Will it be able to overtake the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV? That remains to be seen.