Chevrolet designers and Walt Disney Imagineers have joined forces to give Walt Disney World Resort guests a deep look inside a professional design studio creating a first-of-its-kind multi-sensory virtual experience in automotive design.


The new Test Track ride at the Walt Disney Epcot Center which is set to be operational starting December 6, allows the park visitors to design and build their own car, truck, or crossover in the first part of the attraction and can later on bring their virtual vehicles with them through the entire ride that provides them with a test experience of it through a variety of track surfaces that simulates actual vehicle validation process that Chevrolet cars undergo. After which, their vehicle will be evaluated and scored on how well their build is balanced. With social media sharing enabled, the experience will surely be extended beyond the visitors day at the park.


Finally, guests have the opportunity to race their vehicle over changing terrain and extreme conditions on a digital driving table, produce and share a TV commercial starring their custom vehicle and pose for action shots in front of their design.

"At Chevrolet, the diversity of talent on our team allows us to consistently produce sophisticated, refined and detailed design – but we don't typically design through the eyes of a 12-year-old," said Jeff Mylenek, GM Design manager, Global Exhibit and Merchandising Design. "Working with Walt Disney Imagineering, we were inspired to see our brand story from a more youthful perspective and really opened the parameters on how to approach this design challenge."