Even though the Chevrolet Blazer is no longer the large, truck-based SUV it once was, it's still a pretty sizable vehicle. At nearly five meters long and almost two meters wide, the 'mid-size' Blazer crossover isn't what we'd call small.

But for some people, that's just not big enough. Some want a little more out of their crossover, so Chevrolet will be doing just that.

To be revealed on November 8, Chevrolet will unveil the Blazer XL. It will make its world debut in China, where success can be measured by the extended wheelbase of your car. Aside from giving the car more legroom, the Blazer XL will also come with a set of third-row seats. The standard Blazer does not come with two extra perches at the back.

So far, specs have yet to be revealed although we're expecting at least a three-inch stretch on its wheelbase. Rear doors are likely to be extended too, much like the long-wheelbase versions of cars being sold in China. As for the look of the car itself, front and rear will probably look the same as the U.S Blazer, sans the mandated amber corner lights. Interior on the other hand is likely to be carried over from the North American Blazer. One thing is for certain, it will be about five meters (5,000 mm) long.

Engine options? None have been mentioned yet although a diesel isn't likely. There is, however, a 2.0-liter turbo gas engine. If we were to base its specs on the U.S-spec Blazer, that's good for about 230 PS, which should be enough to haul around seven occupants. There's also a V6 option in its home market, but we doubt that will be offered in Asia.

Now, here's the kicker: there is a possibility that it will be sold in parts of ASEAN where Chevrolets are sold. However, given that Chevrolet has pulled out of Malaysia and Indonesia, it might be an uphill battle should that be true. For Chevrolet to succeed in this plan, the Blazer not only has to be good, but outstanding.

So, should Chevrolet Philippines consider bringing in this model? Given that they only have one crossover in their range at the moment (the Trax), having a bigger, more practical option could help boost their sales.