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Chevrolet models to get Apple's Siri


Siri Eyes Free Integration for Chevy

Siri, Apple's digital assistant, may soon be riding with you, spelling better compatibility with your iOS devices aboard six 2014 Chevrolet models: the Camaro, Cruze, Equinox, Malibu, SS and Volt.

Taking a cue from Honda, General Motors will install Siri Eyes Free Integration to complement their own Chevrolet MyLink feature “to help deliver an incredible driving experience."

A Siri-specific button will be installed on the steering wheel for quick access.


Siri can facilitate in-car calls, check your calendar and can also select and play your favorite tunes. It will transcribe and send SMS or iMessage, navigate for you and perform other Siri functions via Bluetooth or USB connectivity.

New is Siri's Eyes Free, a car-only feature, which reduces driver distraction by keeping the iPhone screen from lighting up when the vehicle is in motion.

As with iOS devices, Siri’s in-car operation is dependent on a mobile Internet connection at all times.

The Siri-equipped Chevrolets will be marketed in the United States.

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