If an interesting discovery by CorvetteBlogger.com is anything to go by, it looks like the C7 Corvette is set to receive a host of new changes for its aerodynamics. In order to lock down this new tech, Chevrolet have now filed patents pertaining to changes to their flagship coupe’s aero profile.

According to the uncovered documents, Chevy have filed three separate patents – each specifically pointed towards a changed part. For the C7 Vette, ducts, side skirts, and spoilers were the subject of their new patented tech. For starters, the active GM ducts are fully-enclosed systems that generate downforce when the vehicle is moving.

Chevrolet patents Active Aero Tech for the Corvette

The filing says these ducts can be placed both on top – possibly for the mid-engined Corvette – and on the bottom of the car, helping move air from one part of the vehicle towards where it’s needed.

The active side skirts are just that, normal skirts that have movable pieces so as to control how the air moves on the side of the car as speed builds up. GM’s patent indicate its active side skirts will extend and contract toward or away from the road. Supposedly the larger the skid-skirt area, the lower the drag on the vehicle, according to the automaker. 

Chevrolet patents Active Aero Tech for the Corvette

The spoiler, much like we’ve seen on some newer vehicles, is a plane mounted at the rear that will move depending on the vehicle’s movements. GM’s patent shows a spoiler adjusting its height and angle, which would then alter drag and downforce depending on inputs such as speed and steering angle. 

The illustrations for the patent indicate that the subject for this tech will be the C7 Corvette. Provided that this can easily be re-purposed however, we may well be seeing new tech that would go into the mid-engined Corvette that’s rumored to be in production.