Just when we thought that all Chevy can produce are big SUVs, heavy muscle cars, decent family sedans, and budget compact cars, they then turn in an unexpected direction and give us this: the Chevrolet Mi-ray concept.

Chevy's new roadster concept is a product of the GM Advanced Design Studio in Seoul, and features the very cutting edge of the brand's design team. Apart from the overall design, there is a liberal use of high tech details and materials like carbon fiber and LED bulbs for the hyper, futuristic look.

Inside the roadster's cabin are more of the high tech details, including a reverse projector system in lieu of a traditional, analog
instrument panel, and even a touchscreen interface on the center console for other pertinent vehicle controls.

Not all the tech is design oriented, as the Mi-ray (Korean for "future") has a hybrid drive system, with dual front electric motors powered by a lithium ion battery as well as a turbocharged gasoline engine.

It is still unclear when or if the Mi-ray will enter the prototyping and production phases, but rest assured we will be keeping a keen eye
on this new roadster concept from Chevy.