End of an Era: Chevrolet finishing off last Colorado units in Thailand

The pull out of Chevrolet from Thailand -lock, stock, and barrel- undeniably sent a shock to the regional auto industry.

Thailand, after all, is the manufacturing hub for South East Asia for pretty much every major auto company, and the departure of General Motors signals a major change. And that's because the Philippine market gets most of its Chevrolet units (particularly the Colorado and Trailblazer) from Thailand.

While the eyes of the world have been turned to the pandemic, we've actually been wondering how the progress of Chevrolet Thailand has been. In February we reported that Chevrolet Thailand has been dropping prices to dispose of existing stocks; one unit, the all-new Captiva, has even seen its prices slashed by half. Understandably, Chevrolet dealerships in Thailand were mobbed in a sale that can rival Black Friday.

And now we've got an update: Chevrolet has now sold off or reserved all of their Trailblazer SUV units in Thailand. It appears that Trailblazer stocks will no longer be replenished, as it is likely the factory is already being turned over to the new owners: China's Great Wall Motors.

As for the Colorado, it seems Chevrolet Thailand still has a few units left, and they're offering them to customers with a significant price cut of up to THB 204,000 (about PhP 322,000) off. Chevrolet Thailand is selling the Colorado X-Cab LT for THB 539,000 (about PhP 851,000), the X-Cab LT Z71 for THB 565,000 (about PhP 892,000) and the Trail Boss for THB 655,000 (about PhP 1,034,000).

According to Chevrolet Thailand, they've also run out of the Captiva units.

What was not mentioned was whether or not there are still some units inbound for export customers like the Philippine distributor of Chevrolet: The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI). But by all indications, the incoming batch of vehicles (if any) will be the last ones.

As to where Chevrolet Philippines will get their units (we don't manufacture here) all indicators point to a mix of GM USA models, GM Korea models, and (most likely) SAIC-GM China models.