A lot more special than you average Camaro

High-performance cars come out of factory with what seems to be all that it’s got.

Horsepower, torque, you get what you pay for when buying these machines. In some instances, though, particulalry for the Chevrolet Camaro, we have what are called COPO units. “COPO” stands for Central Office Production Order; it’s basically a process that is used to produce cars with more (read: a lot more) added to their performance limits. Only 69 COPO cars are made per year since its inception.

The specimen you see here is one such COPO Camaro, and it is the John Force Edition. It is also a one-off that does not belong to the 69-unit 2020 Camaro model year run. And it will also be up for auction at this year’s SEMA Show.


What’s with the name, though? Well, “John Force is one of the most legendary drag racers in history – and his legend started with Chevrolet. We are proud to partner with him on this one-of-a-kind COPO Camaro and are excited to see what it will do on the auction block for charity,” said Jim Campbell, GM U.S. vice president of Performance and Motorsports.

“This is a great-looking COPO Camaro, and I enjoyed helping design this car,” said John Force himself. “The COPO Camaro is already a formidable car, and hard to beat on the track. But this one is even more special, as it will help support a cause I firmly believe in,” he adds.


Powering the John Force and the rest of the COPO lineup is either a revised version of the LSX-based 350 engine that features all-new LSX-LC cylinder heads plus a bigger 2.65L Magnuson supercharger, or an LSX-based naturally aspirated 427 engine. A Racer’s Package is available as well, which includes a carbon-fiber air inlet, dual batteries, weight box, parachute and a quick-change coupling (with the supercharged engine).

Aesthetically, there is almost no difference between the John Force Camaro and the rest of the 69 other COPO units. Though the one-off is draped in a John Force-inspired black and silver paint scheme, the motif is also available for the other units. What makes it special, really, is the unique plaque that reads “2020COPO-FORCE” signifying that it is, indeed, a unique build in the COPO Camaro range and is not part of the annual production run of 69 units.


While this special COPO Camaro will be placed alongside other Chevrolet highlight cars at SEMA like the all-new Stingray, the Camaro LT1 Convertible Concept, and a handful of different Silverados, most noteworthy is that the proceeds of the John Force auction all go to charity. Sure, a COPO Camaro is a novelty enough, but to get something more special and to help a lot of people while you’re at it, that makes bidding all the more worth your while. Now to see if our cheque books can even handle the starting bid.