Marketing gimmicks nowadays sure are getting cooler and cooler.

Chevrolet, in an effort to market their new Sonic subcompact hatch, has turned to Facebook and YouTube to show what their new car can do, though we don't think the engineers had skydiving in mind.

High over the Arizona desert, Chevrolet launched the Sonic in grand style, free-falling from an airplane and then deploying a massive parachute, presumably landing safely on the ground.

The stunt is in line with Chevy's Let's Do This campaign for the Sonic, and can be seen on the Chevy Sonic Facebook page and the Chevy Sonic website. Also on the page are photo albums of other stunts with the Sonic (or Aveo, as it will be called in the Philippines), including one where the car is hoisted up in the air for a bungee jump.

It may be a marketing stunt, but it's still fun to watch.