Not even Lotus can escape the crossover craze

When we think of Lotus, it's often their sportscars that come to mind. Those are the only kind of vehicles the British marque has ever built, after all. The Elise, Exige, Evora, and even the new Emira are all sportscars.

But that will all change next year.

Come 2022, Lotus will launch their first-ever SUV. Just like the upcoming Evija hypercar, it will be fully electric as well. There's more: the electric SUV won't be built in the UK but in China. For reference, all Lotus models that are currently being built come from their factory in Norfolk, England.

China-built Lotus electric SUV coming in 2022 image

Lotus has yet to reveal the name of the electric SUV, referring to it only as Type 132. No details were released, but the automaker did say it will be an E-segment SUV, meaning it will be a full-size model. The Type 132 won't be the only Lotus SUV, though. In 2025, the automaker plans to launch the Type 134, a new D-segment SUV.

Before the Type 134 debuts in 2025, another Lotus model will debut in 2023 – a four-door coupe. It's been years since Lotus introduced a four-door model, the last being the Carlton. The trio of EVs will later be joined by an all-new electric sports car called the Type 135 in 2026. Before you jump into speculation, it's not the Evija.

China-built Lotus electric SUV coming in 2022 image

Similar to the Type 132 SUV, all other EVs will be built in China. The new Lotus Technology headquarters is scheduled to be completed in 2024. Meanwhile, the all-new Lotus factory, which will manufacture Lotus electric vehicles for global markets, will open later this year. The Evija and the Emira, however, will continue to be built in the UK.

What do you think of an electric Lotus SUV being built in China? Is it genius or sacrilege to the brand? Voice your opinions in the comment section.