The Chrysler Group has initiated a recall of many of their models due to faulty or possibly faulty equipment, most of which are related to vehicle safety.

In separate statements, Chrysler is recalling 282,000 2013 model year minivans (sold/produced in 2012) for a side airbag software issue that deploys the side airbags on the other side of the impact. The affected models are the Dodge Grand Caravan, the Chrysler Town & Country and the Ram Cargo Van.

Chrysler is also issuing a recall for 490,000 vehicles for issues surrounding the active head restraint (headrests that actively move forward in the event of a rear collision) systems that have potentially faulty micro-controllers. The defect is attributed to the 2011 tsunami in Japan that caused a worldwide shortage of the component. Affected models are the Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger, Jeep Liberty, and the Dodge Nitro.

Also affected are 69,000 Ram 1500 4x4 pick ups for a faulty Electronic Stability Control unit, 1,060 commercial trucks for a possibly faulty Track-Bar Fastener, as well as 226 U.S. market minivans for faulty airbag control modules.

Chrysler Group LLC will notify affected customers.