If you thought that a Manila without towing companies is your go-signal to just park wherever you want, you better think again.

After suspending towing companies operating in Manila for ‘abusive behavior,’ vice-mayor and ‘traffic czar’ Isko Moreno has announced that starting this week, the local government of Manila will be using wheel clamps on vehicles as part of the penalty for illegal parking.

Manila traffic personnel have been advised to use wheel clamps or tire locks on vehicles found illegally parked.  Owners will have to pay the fine of Php900 for the vehicle’s release.

“[Wheel clamping] is more difficult for violators.  That is why I opted to tap towing [services] because it removes the obstruction.  But we listened to the complaints and we suspended the abusive towing companies. However, we still need to instill discipline on the streets for the people’s convenience,” Moreno told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Source:  The Philippine Daily Inquirer