Vehicles and motorcycles fitted with loud or modified exhausts beware! The City of Manila just passed a new ordinance that bans noisy exhausts.

Originally proposed by Councilor Joel “JTV” Villanueva under Ordinance No. 8154, Mayor Isko Moreno signed into law a modified version. Now called Ordinance No. 8722 (aka the Motor Vehicles Modified Muffler Noise Regulation Ordinance), it seeks to regulate the use of modified muffler/exhaust pipes and similar devices on all types of vehicles.

Under the new ordinance, all motor vehicles, whether public or private, are not allowed to have modified/loud exhausts that emit and produce noise levels beyond the national standard of 99 decibels (dB). Exempted, however, from the ordinance are vehicles used for car shows, racing/motorsport competitions. Motorcycles with engines over 400cc are also exempt from the new rule.

City of Manila passes anti-loud mufflers ordinance image

The Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) will serve as the lead agencies that will enforce the new ordinance. The MTPB and PNP will fulfill the following responsibilities:

-Report, apprehend, and maintain the records of all violators of this ordinance and ascertain how many times an offender has violated it

-Collect and safeguard all copies of Ordinance Violation Receipts (OVRs) being issued by duly authorized enforcement officers

-Collect all confiscated driver's licenses and return the same to its owner once the pertinent conditions of this ordinance had been met

-Coordinate with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for the proper implementation of this Ordinance

Serving as the complementary force in enforcing the new ordinance in their territorial jurisdiction will be barangay officials. They are mandated to report offenders to the agencies mention above.

As mentioned earlier, only duly authorized enforcement officers will be the ones to confiscate a driver's license and issue them an OVR. It will serve as the violator's temporary driver's license for 5 days from the date of issuance. The violator's confiscated driver's license will only be returned once their vehicle passes a second noise level test and proof of payment of the penalties has been presented.

Any motorist that violates the ordinance will be subjected to a hefty fine. For the 1st offense, a penalty of PHP 1,000 awaits violators and the removal of the modified muffler/exhaust. 2nd-time offenders will face a PHP 2,000 fine and removal of the modified exhaust. For the 3rd and subsequent offenses, a penalty of PHP 5,000 awaits violators, as well as the removal of the exhaust.

In case, the motor vehicles of the violator fail to pass the noise level testing for a second time, the city government will undertake the necessary repair of the vehicle. The violator will then shoulder the cost to be charged by the duly accredited repair shop.

You may read the full copy of Ordinance No. 8722 below.

City of Manila passes anti-loud mufflers ordinance image

City of Manila passes anti-loud mufflers ordinance image

City of Manila passes anti-loud mufflers ordinance image