For the past couple of years, EV (electric vehicle) supercar concepts have been cropping up and making rounds in motor shows. Now, there's another manufacturer trying their hand at high-performance EVs.

Classic Factory unveils Elextra EV supercar concept

The newest entry in the EV supercar class hails from Sweden in the form of Elextra. According to Classic Factory, the company behind Elextra, their concept can go as far as 600 kilometers on a single charge and do a 0 to 100 km/h sprint in about 2.3 seconds. This is made possible thanks to a dual motor electric drivetrain. This system allows power to be electronically and independently distributed to the front and rear wheels, effectively making it all-wheel drive. The automaker claims power is rated at 689 PS.


Classic Factory unveils Elextra EV supercar concept

As for it's design, it boasts of a carbon fiber tub wrapped in a low-slung body. The front end features a wedge design with slim, triangular LED headlights. Pronounced wheelarches can be seen on the side, along with a rakish windshield that seams into the low roof. Also seen here is a V-shaped rear wing that is integrated into the car's roof. At the rear are slim LED tail lights, along with a distinct rear bumper design. Despite the low body, the Elextra EV supercar concept boasts four doors.

Designed in Switzerland, the Elextra will be a low-volume car once it reaches production. Each car will be hand-built in Stuttgard, Germany and will only have a limited run of just 100 cars.