At the 2019 New York International Auto Show, Nissan is set to unveil its Ultimate Dream Garage to celebrate the brand’s 50 years of performance. The ‘garage’ is composed of Nissan’s most popular performance models from the past and present. Currently, no details have been revealed about the Dream Garage except for a teaser photo showing two full rows of vehicles and the caption of “Come experience a garage 50 years in the making". 

From the photo, there are two rows of vehicles but only the top set of vehicles is well lit. From left to right, there is the S30-chassis 240Z, a Skyline GT-R racer in iconic Calsonic livery, Nissan's infamous green-yellow C110 Kenmeri GT-R race car, and an R34 Skyline GT-R, likely the Nismo Z-Tune.

Nissan’s bringing their ‘Ultimate Dream Garage’ to New York image

Moving to the bottom row, the four cars here are harder to identify because of the shadows. However, a slight tweak in the lighting makes identifying each one a little easier. Starting from the left, there is a white 370Z which could be the 50th Anniversary Edition special. Beside it is an R35 GT-R finished in same Calsonic Blue as the GT-R above it. Then there’s the GT-R50 and followed by what appears to be a GT-R Nismo, respectively.

The GT-R and the 370Z are already some of the oldest vehicles in Nissan’s lineup being released in 2007 and 2008, respectively. Over the years, they have only received some mechanical and cosmetic upgrades. That said, it does not seem like a successor for either models are on the way anytime soon. Still, showgoers will be able to enjoy seeing classic Nissan models together with their modern counterparts once the New York Auto Show opens this April.