Back in the 1950s, Jaguar introduced the D-Type race car. Unknown at the time, it would go on to be one of the British marque's most important race cars, winning the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957. The automaker intended to build 100 vehicles during its time. However, only 75 were built when production ended in 1956.

Classic Jaguar D-Type race car returns to production

Fast forward to 2018, Jaguar will now be bringing back the iconic open-top racer. Reviving the D-Type would allow them to complete the manufacturer's originally intended 100 unit run. This is also part of the automaker's plan to continually revive classic models together with the restoration of older Jaguars such as that of the Lightweight E-Types and XKSS.


Interested buyers of the all-new D-Type may choose from either the 1955 Shortnose or finned 1956 Longnose specifications. All 25 units will be built to the original 1950s specification complete with the straight-six engine, wooden three-spoke streeing wheel and timeless styling. The Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works team will build each vehicle by hand in Warwickshire, England.

Classic Jaguar D-Type race car returns to production

Curious about the price? Jaguar did not disclose pricing of the D-Type continuation cars. However, do expect to pay at least one million British Pounds to get one considering the amount of time, work and dedication to build a D-Type back to spec. For reference, the 1956 Le Mans winning D-Type auctioned for a record $21.78 million.